Keymetrics application Changelog

February 2016

  • Feature: Slack notification when server offline
  • Feature: Deployment detection
  • Enhancement: Text emails
  • Feature: Offline system available again (premium)
  • Feature: Better support for auto scaling systems (via auto server deletion on offline)(waiting for documentation)

January 2016

  • Enhancement: Realtime system refactored with Primus
  • Enhancement: 40% back end more stable (leak fixed)

December 2015

  • Feature: CPU profile page now display D3.js charts and analyze cpu profile
  • Enhancement: Realtime system refactored from 0.9.x to raw websockets
  • Enhancement: System is now much more stable and realtime connection infinite
  • Enhancement: CPU profiling system and Heapdump is now much more stable
  • Feature: Custom metrics can now be configured to have a threshold (@todoc)
  • Enhancement: Log display now preprend timestamp to each line
  • Enhancement: Log display now supports chalk (or any kind of colored output)
  • Enhancement: Log display now display all messages
  • Enhancement: In monitoring page do not switch trendline and graph value in charts
  • Enhancement: Online servers are listed first in dashboard page
  • Enhancement: Now widgets in the dashboard are pixel perfect
  • Enhancement: Some enhancements has been done in modal popup
  • Fix: Invert module listing
  • Fix: Don’t display wrong events when app filtered in monitoring page
  • Fix: Deletion of meta servers easier

November 2015

  • When filtering by app, in the dashboard there is an Orchestration box available in
  • Hide server info when filtering by server
  • Better monitoring preview page
  • Refactor trenline generation
  • Add trendline in memory chart
  • Add regression line in custom metrics charts
  • Values in chart tooltips are now normalized
  • Slack integration