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Introduction to Keymetrics software

Welcome to Keymetrics, a powerful networking software that allows you to supervise and to manage applications in real-time using a dashboard that is capable of monitoring from one to hundreds of applications on numerous servers.

Keymetrics is built on top of PM2 an advanced process manager designed for Node.js applications that can be used for any kind of other apps. It’s Open Sourced on Github and already has over 1 million downloads.

Keymetrics features

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Keymetrics offers a wide range of features that all work in real-time. Some of Keymetrics’ features are enabled by default, and others are empowered depending your needs.

Here is a quick overview of the main Keymetrics features:

  • Application management (Restart / Reload / Graceful reload)
  • CPU / Memory monitoring
  • Exception / Issue reporting linked to deployment id
  • Multi server overview
  • Slow HTTP transactions interception and HTTP average calculation
  • Client-side GIT versioning, without configuration overhead
  • Custom metrics
  • Remote trigger functions
  • Events tracking
  • Remote retrieval of Heapdump and Cpu profiling (for Node.js)
  • Realtime, isolated logs display
  • Configurable Alert system
  • Module system

PM2 features

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  • Strong process management and daemon system
  • Auto Cluster mode for Node.js
  • Micro services systeme
  • PaaS compatible
  • Reload / Graceful reload
  • Log management
  • Basic monitoring
  • API
  • Auto completion
  • Deployment workflow
  • Application declaration via conf files

Learn more about PM2 here

Now, let’s setup your first production environment and discover how to use Keymetrics.