Keymetrics pricing FAQ

This page lists the frequently asked questions about the Keymetrics pricing system and the specificities of our plan limitations.

Process-based pricing

What is a process?

A ‘process’ represents a system process, put simply each entry in pm2 list is a process. It can be a worker in a cluster, a app in fork mode or a module.

What about the cluster mode?

When you use the cluster mode (with pm2 start -i) each instance will be counted as a process. If you start 3 instances of the same application they will all count towards your process plan limit.

Can I select which processes I want monitored?

Yes, you need PM2 v2.7.0+

You can then use the command pm2 unmonitor [APP_NAME|ID] to stop monitoring a process via Keymetrics. When using pm2 ls you should see a red dot indicating the application will not be followed by Keymetrics.

If you want to monitor the process again use pm2 monitor [APP_NAME|ID].

What is a server?

A ‘server’ represents one linked PM2 instance. Normally, each bare metal server/container/VM have one PM2 instance.

When does the notification limitation reset?

The counter resets every day at midnight at GMT+1.

What happens to the notification limit when I upgrade?

When you upgrade the notification counter will be reset.

What happens to the notification counter when I downgrade?

When you downgrade the notification counter will not be reset to prevent abuse.