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If you have a suggestion or if you want to report an issue, please read the troubleshooting process below first. If this does not help you please do not hesitate reach out to us on our in app-chat.

Troubleshooting for Keymetrics/PM2

I can’t seem to connect my local PM2 to the Keymetrics dashboard

If you are in this situation, it might be for several reasons.

  • You are behind a company proxy or firewall. Make sure that the ports 80 (TCP outbound), 443 (HTTPS outbound) and 43554 (TCP outbound) are allowed on your firewall.

If you need to whitelist IPs, please allow these ones:,,,,,,

  • You are using an old version of Node.js or PM2. Make sure you are using at least Node.js v0.12.x or higher (node v0.12.x or iojs v.2.x is recommended). Make sure you are using the latest version of PM2

  • You have concurrent PM2 sending data to the same bucket with an identical server name. Make sure you have only one PM2 instance launched ps -ax | grep PM2

  • Refresh your connection to Keymetrics. pm2 interact stop then pm2 interact should help. Also don’t forget to refresh the dashboard itself, it might help sometimes.

The dashboard displays “Reverse connection not established”

It means that PM2 have not managed to initialize the full duplex connection. Not any actions will work (restart, pull, module install…).

Please make sure that the port 43554 (TCP outbound) is opened and check the logs in ~/.pm2/agent.log.

Type pm2 link to re-try the connection.

Go to the setting page of your bucket and delete servers in the server box.

The versioning buttons (Rollback/Pull/Upgrade) aren’t working

  • If the buttons are disabled, make sure that the Local changes and Local commit indicators are green.

  • If you get a warning Not authorized when trying to perform such actions, it means you have not the admin privileges in this bucket.

  • If none of the above happens, but the precedure just hangs, make sure you have a recent version of Node.js as well as the latest version of PM2.

  • Also, your repository should not ask for a password input (it means you must clone it via ssh), try typing git remote update manually in the folder and see if it asks for a password or not.

3. The versioning block displays File modified (unstaged changes)

It means that there are local files that has been changed and not committed.

To see which files have been modified do a git status. Once it is fixed (via git commit or git stash) do a pm2 restart all.

In the dashboard I’ve linked two servers and they are continuously flickering

You made a pm2 link <public_id> <private_id> [name] without setting the name option. By default if the name is empty, it becomes the $HOSTNAME env variable.

To fix this:

# Server 1
$ pm2 link <private_id> <public_id> server1

# Server 2
$ pm2 link <private_id> <public_id> server2


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